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11 25 26 - friends only.

please note:

+ If you add me, comment here telling me a REASON why you want to add me! if you don't I won't consider your add!

+ If you're interested in my fanwork there's no need to add me just for this: All my fanwork is UNLOCKED and can be found here
08 01 11 - Creativeblog!
Hey guys! It's been like... ages?! After being absent during my year abroad I returned home just to get superbusy with university stuff here... but can't be helped since I'm about to graduate (writing my thesis right now @_@)
BUT nevertheless I managed to open up my very own creativeblog, which you can find here:

To all my Fanfic-Readers: Don't worry! I'll still upload all my SuJu-related Fanworks on livejournal... but all my other Arts, stories and projects will be bundled in the artspot on blogger.

For todays entry e.g. you can find out about my Original Character "Maude Lin" and print checklists with her illustration for everyday use :D

get this cutelists >> HERE <<

So well.. I'd really apprechiate it if you could check it out and maybe follow me there, too, if interested n(_ _)n

 I'll try to come back to livejournal more active (and of course to my fanfics here!) when my thesis is handed in in 2 months.... I'll be without a job or future anyway *lol* so I guess you'll get more stuff (and grumbling?) then - if any of you guys still remember me that is (^ v ^;;;)


so i promised a christmas-calendar, right?
it's not completely filled yet, but since december is going to start soon here it is...
you're free to open all of the "doors" at once (but remember that some are still empty!) but you can also do it the way it's concepated for: on door every day :3

what's inside? well... it's only fanart - sometimes only small, quick scribbles, sometimes fanarts that took longer time... most of them black and white but i want to do a coloration for some of them... so just wait and see what's behind the different doors :)

(oh and bc of copyrights and stuff: some of the "non-scribbles" have their posing from nekota yonezou-pics... pls take note of that (and read her works!))

♥ feel free to comment every time you find a new pic :3 ♥


so well... i dun really get to draw anymore... only during my classes i scribble some stuff..... nothing big and most of the time on some copy from university and without doing sketches or corrections and so on ^^;;
but oh well i thought i might share some of my SuJu-scribbles with you since i didn't update for so long ^^;;

can you guess who's who?? *lol* and i hope you enjoy~
scribbles under the cutCollapse )
teuki hawt

because i talked about it today. here's the trailer  (found a) MV (that gives a better impression somehow) to "love of siam" - a GREAT movie you should SO watch. (and I love this song!)

you should come over sometime soon and watch it with me, chii&blady ^____^~♥
wenn ihr mir nich glaubt wie geil der film ist fragt die jula XD
kangteuk happy
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